CLINGING - ဥပါဒါန

ဥပါဒါန -        ျပင္းစြာစြဲလမ္းမႈ။
ဥပါဒန္ (၄)မ်ဳိး -
(၁) ကာမဂုဏ္တုိ႔၌ ျပင္းစြာ စြဲလမ္းမႈ၊
(၂) အယူ၀ါဒတုိ႔ ျပင္းစြာ စြဲလမ္းမႈ၊
(၃) အက်င့္သီလတုိ႔၌ ျပင္းစြာ စြဲလမ္းမႈ၊
(၄) အတၱ၀ါတုိ႔၌ ျပင္းစြာ စြဲလမ္းမႈ။
Strong attachment
The four kinds of Clinging are: -
(1) Clinging to sense-desire;
(2) Clinging to wrong view;
(3) Clinging to wrong way of the practice of Morality; and
(4) Clinging to the view that there is atta, self, soul, or ego.