SIGN OF DESTINY - ဂတိနိမိတၱ


ဂတိနိမိတၱ - ဂတိနိမိတ္၊ ေရာက္ရမည့္ ဘ၀အာ႐ုံ။

ေသခါနီးေသာအခါ ထင္လာေသာ လားေရာက္ရမည့္ နတ္သမီး ဗိမာန္ ပေဒသာပင္ အမိ၀မ္းေရ စေသာ ကုသုိလ္အာ႐ုံမ်ားႏွင့္ ငရဲမီး ငရဲထိန္းစေသာ အကုသုိလ္အာ႐ုံမ်ားကုိ ဂတိနိမိတ္ဟု ေခၚဆုိသည္။

The mental image which arises just before death which may indicate the place in which one is to be reborn.

Such good signs like visions of celestial maidens, palatial mansions, trees of plenty, the amniotic fluid in a human mother’s womb and such bad signs like vision of fires of Niraya, warders, etc, are called signs of destiny, Gatinimitta.